Arboretum loves Developers

The Challenge

As a Developer, you might find increased resistance the larger and more complex your Contentful powered website gets. You may already have implemented extensive caching strategies to deal with performance issues. Or, maybe you are tired of the inefficient GraphQL queries your sitemap-related functionalities require. As you have strong toolset preferences you wonder how you can provide an instant preview for your Content Creators, serve a lightning-fast live website, and better integrate 3rd party systems into your website without switching out the frontend framework of your choice.

Simple & Lightning Fast

  • Top-notch performance using our dedicated and standardized Sitemap service.

  • No hitting limits or overly complex chained/sequential queries in GraphQL anymore.

  • A simple API and SDK to reduce effort and maintenance of your website development.

Easy Querying

  • An easy-to-use service to query your sitemap - no matter how small or large your website is.

  • Easily identify content entries by page slug/URL or vice versa.

  • Leverage the Arboretum SDK and get started in a matter of minutes.

Your Frontend Approach

  • Arboretum doesn't require you to follow a specific framework or approach.

  • You can work with SSR, CSR, SSG, DSG, or a templating engine, for example.

Your Frontend Framework

  • Pick the framework of your choice.

  • Arboretum supports React, Vue.js, Angular, Preact, Svetle, vanilla JS, and more.

Documentation and FAQs

Find a collection of frequently asked questions and learn how to install, configure and use Arboretum in your Contentful environment.

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