For Arboretum Users

Do you want to start using Arboretum but still have questions about how to install and configure it? Here are the resources that will help you get started.

For Developers

You are convinced that you can save time with Arboretum and will be able to finally focus on real tasks? Dive in and check out how to add Arboretum to your toolset.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions, be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting started

There's no better way to learn something than to try it out yourself.

Let Kasia from Arboretum team guide you through Arboretum installation in a short video. She'll show you how to install Arboretum App and provide some valuable insights and hints. Finally, you'll see an overview of Arboretum UI - along with a useful example.

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