Arboretum is an extension for Contentful, and as such it requires a space and an environment on Contentful. To install the Arboretum application you need to have a permission to change that space and environment by adding extensions.


For the time being our application is not available in the Contentful marketplace. We are working on this and soon a standard installation process will be possible.

We can still give you early access to Arboretum. If you are interested, click on the link below and we will help you get set up.

Before you install Arboretum, please ensure that every locale on your environment have a fallback locale that eventually fallbacks to default locale. Otherwise you will receive an error message listing locales with no fallbacks and installation will fail. The locale configuration should stay untouched when it comes to fallback settings after the installation as well. If you need to add a new locale once Arboretum is already installed please keep those settings configuration in mind.

Locale correct configuration

Locale incorrect configuration

Locale correct configuration

Locale incorrect configuration

1. Space and environment

Choose the space and environment on which you want to install the Arboretum app.

2. Granting access

Give your consent for the authorization. Once the access is granted, you will be redirected to the configuration screen.

3. Installation Types

At this stage, you have to choose one of three types of installation. Depending on which option is chosen, Arboretum will either create the appropriate content types while the installation takes place, or the customization of the design will take place on your side.

Manual - Only Arboretum UI without configuring content types

This is the best choice for advanced users. You will need to adjust and configure some of your content models manually for Arboretum to work. The details on how to configure those content types can be found in the Configuration page in Content model configuration section.

Semi-automatic - Required content types only

This is the best choice for already existing environments. It will create all required content types, so that you don't need to do it manually.

Automatic - Required content types together with sample content entries

This is the best for empty environments. Arboretum will create not only all required content types (see list below), but also some sample content so that you are able to see results faster.

After choosing the installation type, click install and wait for the app to be installed on your Contentful environment. To check how to finalize your installation follow the Configuration steps.