Using Arboretum

Arboretum is a great tool for visualizing all relationships between parent and child pages in a given locale. It also gives the editor the ability to easily go to the Contentful entry representing a page in order to edit it, regenerate the sitemap, and quickly search for entries.

Arboretum page tree

The Arboretum sitemap is generated based on a specific page type that comes with the application installation (not applicable to the advanced installation). The content needs to be wrapped with this page type to be properly displayed inside the page tree. This applies to both parent and child pages.

Sitemap overview

This is the place where the complete overview of the sitemap can be found. The editor can switch between locales, if more than one is set. It is also possible to expand the tree and get a better understanding of the page structure. With one click that structure can be quickly collapsed.

Arboretum modes

Arboretum allows you to visualize the sitemap in two modes: published and preview. In the published mode the editor gets the sitemap of all pages that are published, including the published pages that have been modified. In the preview mode, the tree of pages additionally contains entries that are not published but remain as a draft.

Entry modification

With Arboretum, you can easily be redirected to the page editing mode in the Contentful web app or Compose. It's also possible to visit the page with just one click.


This feature allows you to search for entries using slug, path, or ID which means it is very easy to find an element of your page in order to edit it or be redirected to that element on the website.

Issues and sitemap regeneration

In case of any modification to the project locale(s), the Arboretum configuration, API keys, any issues with sitemap refresh, etc., the sitemap should be regenerated to be the most up-to-date version.


The latest stats and information on your license usage can be found in the Status tab.