Arboretum for Contentful

The high-performance Sitemap that is 100% driven by your content

Arboretum is an extension for Contentful that adds a powerful sitemap UI and API to your Contentful project – as an API-first and headless SaaS solution, just like the Contentful you love.

For Developers, Arboretum removes the burden of GraphQL-based sitemap querying and helps run a lightning fast website without over-caching. For Content Creators, Arboretum adds a visual sitemap tool, while staying 100% driven by content managed in Contentful, and remaining fully compatible with Compose.

Content Creators

  • Arboretum UI adds a user-friendly visual sitemap editor to your Contentful projects.

  • You get an overview of your site hierarchy with support for multiple languages and environments

  • You keep full control over your content as Arboretum is 100% powered by content managed in Contentful.


  • Arboretum adds key functions that developers need to work with sitemaps in Contentful.

  • Look up content entries based on page URL or look up related pages based on content entry IDs.

  • Easily integrate the API in the front-end framework of your choice using the Arboretum SDK.

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The Team behind Arboretum

Hi, we are Bright IT, a team of technology and marketing experts who combine the skills of IT service providers and digital agencies in a well-coordinated team. From offices in Austria, Germany, and Poland, we work with companies of many industries and sizes on successful websites, web apps, and online shops on the pulse of time.

We are an experienced and committed Contentful Partner and that's why we have created Arboretum – to help you develop and run Contentful powered websites at speed and scale.

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